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Nexo's $3 Billion Arbitration Claim Against Bulgaria: Unveiling the Legal Battle

Nexo, a prominent crypto lending firm, has recently filed a $3 billion arbitration claim against the Republic of Bulgaria following a year-long criminal investigation into the company and its founders. In a press release on Wednesday, Nexo strongly argued that Bulgaria's investigation was unjustified and politically motivated, resulting in significant reputational damage and lost business opportunities estimated to be in the billions. The company, now cleared by the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office, is seeking reparations for the financial harm suffered as a result of the investigation. Key Points: Nexo is one of 22 investors in Decrypt. The company had to abandon plans for a funding round with leading U.S. banks and an IPO on a major U.S. stock exchange due to the lawsuit. Nexo was finalizing a strategic alliance with a major European football club, which included the launch of a club-branded crypto payment card. Antoni Trenchev, co-founder of Nexo, emphasized that the arbi

Crypto ETP AUM Rise Outpaced Segment’s Price Growth in Q1: An Expert's Take on Why Investors are Turning to ETPs for Diversification and Lower Volatility

As an Ethereum expert, I am not surprised to see that the rise in crypto assets under management (AUM) has outpaced the segment’s price growth in Q1. This is due to the fact that price fluctuations of underlying assets have driven growth in crypto investment products amid relatively flat flows. Here's why:

Diversification through Crypto ETPs

Exchange-traded products (ETPs) have become a popular way for investors to diversify their portfolios with crypto assets. As the crypto market continues to grow, so too does the demand for ETPs. In Q1 of this year, the AUM of crypto ETPs increased by 157%, while the segment’s price growth only increased by 51%. This is a clear indication that investors are looking to diversify their portfolios with crypto assets, and ETPs are a great way to do that.

Lower Volatility

One of the main reasons why crypto ETPs have become so popular is because they offer lower volatility than investing in individual cryptocurrencies. This is because ETPs are typically based on a diversified basket of crypto assets, which helps to mitigate the risk of price fluctuations. As a result, investors can benefit from exposure to the crypto market without having to worry about the extreme volatility that individual cryptocurrencies can experience.

Institutional Adoption

Another factor contributing to the rise in crypto ETP AUM is institutional adoption. As more institutional investors enter the crypto market, they are looking for ways to gain exposure to crypto assets that are regulated and secure. ETPs offer a regulated and secure way for institutions to invest in the crypto market, which is why we are seeing such significant growth in this segment.


The rise in crypto ETP AUM outpacing segment’s price growth in Q1 is a clear indication that investors are looking to diversify their portfolios with crypto assets. The lower volatility and institutional adoption of ETPs have made them an attractive option for investors looking to gain exposure to the crypto market. As the crypto market continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more growth in this segment in the future.


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