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Unveiling the MailerLite Phishing Attack: A Deep Dive into the Crypto Market Breach

The recent phishing attack on email service provider MailerLite has raised significant concerns within the crypto market. The company disclosed to Decrypt that the breach, which occurred when a support team member unwittingly fell victim to a deceptive link and provided their Google credentials, resulted in unauthorized access to MailerLite's internal system. Here are the key points of the incident: Hackers gained access to MailerLite's internal system by executing a password reset for a specific user on the admin panel. They were able to impersonate user accounts, focusing primarily on cryptocurrency-related accounts. A total of 117 accounts were accessed, with some being used to launch phishing campaigns using stolen information. Notable affected accounts included CoinTelegraph, Wallet Connect, Token Terminal, DeFi, and Decrypt. The hackers managed to steal over $580,000, according to ZachXBT, with the funds being sent to a specified address. Web3 security firm Blockai

EOS Community Aims for Unlikely Comeback After ICO Record-Breaking Launch: An Expert's View

As an Ethereum expert, I have closely followed the development of various smart contract platforms, including EOS. The launch of EOS was nothing short of spectacular, and it quickly became the talk of the town. The ICO raised a whopping $4 billion, making it the biggest ICO in history. The community was buzzing with anticipation, and the future looked bright for this new smart contract platform.

However, as time went on, things started to unravel. Development did not live up to expectations, and the platform faced several issues, including security vulnerabilities and centralization concerns. Despite the promise of superior speed and scalability, EOS failed to live up to its potential, and the token's price began to plummet. Today, EOS languishes around number 53 in the rankings, a far cry from its former top 10 status.

But the EOS community has not given up hope. They are determined to bring the platform back to the top ten and restore its former glory. Here's what's happening in the world of EOS:

A New Dawn for EOS

The EOS community has taken back control of the platform, and several initiatives are underway to reinvigorate development and increase adoption. Here are some of the key developments:

1. The EOS Foundation

The EOS Foundation is a newly formed organization that aims to promote the development and adoption of the EOS platform. The foundation is funded by a portion of the EOS token supply and is governed by a board of directors elected by the community. The foundation has already started funding new projects on the platform and is working to increase awareness of EOS among developers and users.

2. The Eden Community

The Eden community is a group of EOS enthusiasts who are working to create a more decentralized and community-driven ecosystem. The Eden community aims to foster collaboration and innovation on the platform by providing a forum for developers and users to share ideas and build new projects together.

3. EOSIO 2.0

EOSIO 2.0 is a major update to the EOSIO software that powers the EOS platform. The update includes several new features and improvements, including increased speed and scalability, enhanced security, and improved developer tools. The EOS community is already beginning to take advantage of these new features, and several new projects are in the works.

The Road Ahead

While the EOS community has made significant progress in recent months, there is still much work to be done. Here are some of the challenges that lie ahead:

1. Competition from Other Platforms

EOS is not the only smart contract platform in town. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot are just a few of the platforms that are competing for developer mindshare and user adoption. EOS will need to differentiate itself and provide compelling reasons for developers and users to choose its platform over the competition.

2. Regaining Trust

EOS faced several issues in its early days, including security vulnerabilities and centralization concerns. The platform will need to work hard to regain the trust of developers and users and convince them that it is a secure and reliable platform for building decentralized applications.

3. Increasing Adoption

Ultimately, the success of EOS will depend on its ability to attract developers and users to the platform. The EOS community will need to work together to create compelling use cases and build innovative applications that showcase the platform's strengths and capabilities.

In conclusion, while EOS has had its share of setbacks, the EOS community is not giving up. With new initiatives underway and a renewed sense of purpose, the community is working hard to restore the platform to its former glory. As an Ethereum expert, I will be watching these developments closely and look forward to seeing what the future holds for EOS.


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