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Unveiling the MailerLite Phishing Attack: A Deep Dive into the Crypto Market Breach

The recent phishing attack on email service provider MailerLite has raised significant concerns within the crypto market. The company disclosed to Decrypt that the breach, which occurred when a support team member unwittingly fell victim to a deceptive link and provided their Google credentials, resulted in unauthorized access to MailerLite's internal system. Here are the key points of the incident: Hackers gained access to MailerLite's internal system by executing a password reset for a specific user on the admin panel. They were able to impersonate user accounts, focusing primarily on cryptocurrency-related accounts. A total of 117 accounts were accessed, with some being used to launch phishing campaigns using stolen information. Notable affected accounts included CoinTelegraph, Wallet Connect, Token Terminal, DeFi, and Decrypt. The hackers managed to steal over $580,000, according to ZachXBT, with the funds being sent to a specified address. Web3 security firm Blockai

Gauntlet Flags Risk of $176M CRV Position on Aave: DeFi Community Concerned About Liquidity Decline

Gauntlet, a blockchain analytics and risk management firm, has flagged the risk posed by a $176M CRV position on Aave, citing declining liquidity for Curve Token. This news has sent shockwaves across the DeFi community, prompting many to question the potential fallout from such a large, leveraged position.

According to Gauntlet's report, the risk posed by this position is significant due to the fact that it represents a significant percentage of the total supply of CRV tokens. In addition, the liquidity of the CRV token has been on a steady decline, which could exacerbate the impact of any sudden selling of the token.

While the identity of the holder of this large CRV position remains unknown, the impact of such a large position on Aave's platform is potentially significant. As a result, many in the DeFi community are calling for a closer examination of leveraged positions on DeFi platforms and greater transparency around the identities of major positions holders.

Despite these concerns, the DeFi space continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace. With new projects and innovations emerging on a daily basis, it is clear that the space is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to navigate. As a result, it is more important than ever for investors and traders to stay informed and aware of the risks associated with participating in the DeFi ecosystem.


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