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Coinbase's Cybersecurity Collaboration: Strengthening Industry Resilience

As the recent news unfolds regarding the hacking of the SEC's Twitter account to post a false spot bitcoin ETF approval message, executives at Coinbase have stepped up to offer their assistance to the regulatory agency. This unexpected turn of events has brought Coinbase's Chief Security Officer and Chief Legal Officer to the forefront, expressing their readiness to aid in enhancing social media security practices. Despite the ongoing legal battle between Coinbase and the SEC, the willingness of Coinbase's executives to collaborate in the investigation of the breach demonstrates a proactive approach to cybersecurity and regulatory compliance within the digital asset industry. Key Points to Consider: Collaborative Efforts : Coinbase executives offering to assist the SEC showcases a commitment to transparency and cooperation in addressing cybersecurity threats. Industry Standards : By engaging with regulatory authorities on social media security practices, Coinbase set

Venus Protocol Faces Second Liquidation: Challenges and Actions Unveiled

Venus Protocol Faces Another Liquidation

In a recent turn of events, Venus Protocol, a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending platform, has faced yet another liquidation. Following a previous liquidation just days ago, a whitelisted core Binance Coin (BNB) team address has once again stepped in to address the situation. This time, the address has seized $32.6 million worth of BNB from a notorious Venus Protocol lending position, with the intention of liquidating $29 million worth of stablecoins. However, despite these efforts, the position still holds a staggering $94 million outstanding.

A Troubled History

The lending position in question was established in October 2022, in the aftermath of a significant Binance Smart Chain bridge hack. This hack is considered one of the largest in the history of the cryptocurrency industry. Ever since its creation, the position has been a source of concern and vulnerability within the Venus Protocol ecosystem. The repeated need for liquidation is a clear indication of the ongoing challenges faced by Venus Protocol.

Core BNB Team Takes Action

As part of their ongoing commitment to address potential risks and maintain the stability of the ecosystem, the core BNB team has taken decisive action to liquidate the troubled lending position. By utilizing a whitelisted liquidator address, controlled by core BNB team members, they were able to seize a significant amount of BNB to facilitate the liquidation process. This demonstrates the team's dedication to mitigating potential threats and ensuring the long-term viability of the Venus Protocol platform.

The Road Ahead

While the recent liquidation efforts have successfully addressed a portion of the outstanding position, there is still a substantial amount remaining. The $94 million that remains to be resolved poses a significant challenge for Venus Protocol. It highlights the importance of implementing robust security measures and risk management protocols within the DeFi ecosystem. As the industry continues to evolve, these incidents serve as a stark reminder of the need for constant vigilance and proactive measures to safeguard the assets and interests of users.


The recent liquidation of a notorious lending position within Venus Protocol, facilitated by the core BNB team, is a testament to the ongoing efforts to maintain the stability and security of the platform. However, the significant amount that still remains unresolved underscores the challenges faced by Venus Protocol. As the DeFi ecosystem moves forward, it is crucial for projects to prioritize security and risk management to prevent such incidents and protect the interests of users.


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