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Futures Will Remain the Premier Crypto Game, Even with the Arrival of a Bitcoin Spot ETF Introduction The impending approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF has garnered significant attention in the cryptocurrency market. However, despite the excitement surrounding this development, it is important to recognize that futures trading will continue to dominate the crypto landscape. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), a renowned platform for traditional finance investors, has been a pivotal player in the crypto futures market and is expected to maintain its supremacy even after the introduction of a Bitcoin spot ETF. This article explores the reasons behind the enduring dominance of futures trading and highlights the challenges faced by the spot ETF in gaining traction. The Decline of Bitcoin Liquidity One of the key factors contributing to the continued prominence of futures trading is the declining liquidity of Bitcoin. While a Bitcoin spot ETF may attract fresh money to the market, it cann

Busan: Building an Urban Blockchain and Digital Asset Exchange for a Thriving Future

Busan to Build Urban Blockchain and Digital Asset Exchange

September 21, 2023

Busan, South Korea's second-largest city, is making significant strides in establishing itself as a prominent blockchain hub in the country. It has recently announced plans to develop an urban blockchain and a digital asset exchange, according to a report by a local South Korean outlet. The aim of this initiative is to create a unified platform that brings together various blockchain services currently provided by chains like Ethereum and Cosmos onto a single citywide platform.

Unifying Blockchain Services

The urban blockchain project in Busan seeks to streamline and integrate the diverse range of blockchain services that are currently available. By consolidating these services onto a single platform, the city aims to enhance efficiency, accessibility, and convenience for both businesses and residents. This initiative is a testament to Busan's commitment to leveraging blockchain technology to drive innovation and transform its urban landscape.

BPASS: Identity Management Program

One notable use case for the urban blockchain in Busan is the implementation of an identity management program called BPASS. This program aims to provide a secure and efficient solution for identity verification and authentication. By utilizing blockchain technology, BPASS can offer enhanced security, privacy, and interoperability for individuals and businesses in the city. This innovative approach to identity management has the potential to revolutionize various sectors, including finance, healthcare, and government services.

Advantages of a Digital Asset Exchange

In addition to the urban blockchain, Busan is also planning to establish a digital asset exchange. This exchange will provide a platform for the trading and exchange of digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and tokens. By facilitating the seamless exchange of digital assets, Busan aims to foster a thriving digital economy and attract blockchain businesses and investors to the city. The digital asset exchange will serve as a catalyst for economic growth, innovation, and job creation in Busan.

Busan: The Emerging Blockchain Hub

Over the past few years, Busan has emerged as a key player in the blockchain industry in South Korea. The city has actively embraced blockchain technology and has taken various initiatives to promote its adoption. Busan's efforts have been recognized by the South Korean government, which designated the city as a "regulation-free blockchain zone" in 2020. This designation has attracted blockchain startups and businesses to Busan, further solidifying its position as a leading blockchain hub in the country.

Looking Ahead

The development of an urban blockchain and a digital asset exchange in Busan marks a significant milestone in the city's journey towards becoming a blockchain-powered metropolis. By unifying blockchain services and providing a platform for digital asset exchange, Busan is poised to unlock new opportunities and drive economic growth. As the city continues to foster a supportive ecosystem for blockchain innovation, we can expect to see further advancements and initiatives that position Busan as a global leader in blockchain technology.

Image credit: CJ Nattanai/Shutterstock modified by Blockworks


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