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Unveiling the MailerLite Phishing Attack: A Deep Dive into the Crypto Market Breach

The recent phishing attack on email service provider MailerLite has raised significant concerns within the crypto market. The company disclosed to Decrypt that the breach, which occurred when a support team member unwittingly fell victim to a deceptive link and provided their Google credentials, resulted in unauthorized access to MailerLite's internal system. Here are the key points of the incident: Hackers gained access to MailerLite's internal system by executing a password reset for a specific user on the admin panel. They were able to impersonate user accounts, focusing primarily on cryptocurrency-related accounts. A total of 117 accounts were accessed, with some being used to launch phishing campaigns using stolen information. Notable affected accounts included CoinTelegraph, Wallet Connect, Token Terminal, DeFi, and Decrypt. The hackers managed to steal over $580,000, according to ZachXBT, with the funds being sent to a specified address. Web3 security firm Blockai

# BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF: Progress Towards Launch and Potential Funding Revealed

BlackRock, the world's largest fund manager, may be inching closer to launching its Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has listed a ticker for the iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBTC), signaling progress in the development of the ETF. The DTCC is a crucial infrastructure in the U.S. financial markets, handling an astounding $2.3 quadrillion worth of stock sales annually. This development follows news from last week that BlackRock's latest SEC filing amendment hinted at a seed investor potentially funding the product this month. While this does not guarantee an immediate launch, experts have taken note of these changes, sparking speculation about the timing of the ETF's release.

Key Points:

  • The DTCC, the largest financial clearinghouse in the world, has listed a ticker for the iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBTC), a potential precursor to the launch of BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF.
  • BlackRock's latest SEC filing amendment revealed the possibility of a seed investor funding the ETF this month.
  • The exact date of the seed investor's involvement has been redacted from the filing, leaving room for speculation about the timing of the ETF's launch.
  • Experts, including Senior Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Eric Balchunas and general partner at Van Buren Capital Scott Johnsson, have taken note of these developments on Twitter, highlighting the significance of the seed investor section in BlackRock's filing.
  • While the inclusion of a seed investor does not guarantee an immediate launch, it suggests that BlackRock is actively working towards making the Bitcoin ETF a reality.

An ETF provides investors with a convenient way to gain exposure to the underlying price of an asset, in this case, Bitcoin. If BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF is approved, it would enable investors to access and invest in Bitcoin without the need to navigate cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is important to note that the presence of a seed investor in BlackRock's SEC filing does not guarantee an imminent launch for the Bitcoin ETF. However, the attention it has garnered from industry experts signals that BlackRock is making progress in its efforts to bring this investment vehicle to market. As the world's largest fund manager, BlackRock's entry into the Bitcoin market could have significant implications for the broader adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in traditional finance. Investors and enthusiasts will undoubtedly be closely watching for further developments in this space.


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