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Unveiling the MailerLite Phishing Attack: A Deep Dive into the Crypto Market Breach

The recent phishing attack on email service provider MailerLite has raised significant concerns within the crypto market. The company disclosed to Decrypt that the breach, which occurred when a support team member unwittingly fell victim to a deceptive link and provided their Google credentials, resulted in unauthorized access to MailerLite's internal system. Here are the key points of the incident: Hackers gained access to MailerLite's internal system by executing a password reset for a specific user on the admin panel. They were able to impersonate user accounts, focusing primarily on cryptocurrency-related accounts. A total of 117 accounts were accessed, with some being used to launch phishing campaigns using stolen information. Notable affected accounts included CoinTelegraph, Wallet Connect, Token Terminal, DeFi, and Decrypt. The hackers managed to steal over $580,000, according to ZachXBT, with the funds being sent to a specified address. Web3 security firm Blockai

CoinDCX Expands Self-Custody Wallet to Support 155 Countries: Empowering Global Crypto Users

CoinDCX Expands Self-Custody Wallet to Support 155 Countries

CoinDCX, one of India's leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has recently announced the expansion of its self-custody wallet, Okto. This expansion comes as a result of integrating with Transak, a major on-ramp platform in the crypto space. The move will significantly increase the number of supported jurisdictions from 60 to over 150, allowing CoinDCX to reach a broader user base and provide enhanced services to its customers worldwide.

Empowering Users with Self-Custody Solutions

Self-custody wallets have gained popularity in the cryptocurrency industry as they offer users full control and ownership of their digital assets. By integrating with Transak, CoinDCX is taking a step further in empowering its users by providing them with a secure and seamless self-custody solution.

With Okto, CoinDCX users will have the ability to store their cryptocurrencies directly on the platform, eliminating the need for third-party custodians. This not only enhances security but also gives users the flexibility to manage their assets independently, without relying on external entities.

Expanding Global Reach

The integration with Transak allows CoinDCX to expand its global reach and cater to users from more than 150 countries. This move is in line with the exchange's mission to promote cryptocurrency adoption on a global scale. By providing self-custody capabilities to a wider audience, CoinDCX is making it easier for individuals from various countries to participate in the crypto market and experience the benefits of decentralized finance.

Streamlining the User Experience

CoinDCX's decision to integrate with Transak is driven by its commitment to delivering a streamlined user experience. Transak's on-ramp platform allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies using their local fiat currency, thereby eliminating the need for complicated conversions and multiple intermediaries. This integration will enable CoinDCX users to seamlessly onboard the platform, buy cryptocurrencies, and store them securely in the Okto wallet.

Future Prospects

CoinDCX's expansion of its self-custody wallet marks a significant milestone in the company's growth trajectory. By increasing the number of supported jurisdictions, the exchange is poised to attract a larger user base and solidify its position as a leading player in the global crypto market. Furthermore, this move aligns with the growing trend of individuals seeking self-custody solutions to have more control over their digital assets.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, it is essential for exchanges to adapt and provide innovative solutions that cater to the needs of their users. CoinDCX's integration with Transak demonstrates the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of this rapidly changing landscape and offering cutting-edge services to its customers.

In conclusion, CoinDCX's expansion of its self-custody wallet, Okto, through its integration with Transak, is a significant development for the exchange and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. By providing users with a secure and user-friendly self-custody solution, CoinDCX is empowering individuals from over 150 countries to participate in the crypto market and take control of their digital assets. This move reinforces CoinDCX's position as a global leader and sets the stage for further growth and innovation in the future.


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