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Binance Ends Support for BUSD Stablecoin: What It Means for Users and the Future of Stablecoins

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has made the decision to end support for its Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoin. This move comes after Paxos, the company responsible for minting new BUSD coins, announced that it would be halting its operations. The transition is set to take place on December 15th, and it will have significant implications for users of the BUSD stablecoin. Automatic Conversion to First Digital USD Starting on December 31st, many users' BUSD balances on Binance will be automatically converted into First Digital USD. This conversion will take place seamlessly, and users will not be required to take any action. The transition is designed to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience for BUSD users. Implications for BUSD Users While the automatic conversion should minimize any disruption for BUSD users, it is important for them to be aware of the implications of this change. Once their BUSD balances are converted into First Digital US

Reddit's Community Points Controversy: Jesse Powell Argues for Redemption Path

I find Jesse Powell's argument regarding Reddit's decision to discontinue its Community Points program to be quite interesting. Powell, the co-founder and Chairman of the Board at Kraken, believes that Reddit should have offered a redemption path for owners of its crypto-powered Community Points. In a post on Reddit, Powell stated that he personally doesn't see the regulatory problems that Reddit cited as reasons for sunsetting the program. He acknowledged that the regulatory environment is complex and evolving, but he believes that Reddit could have found alternative means of redeeming the tokens without completely destroying their value.

Regulatory Challenges and Scalability Limitations

Reddit stated that the regulatory environment, along with scalability limitations and an outsized commitment to resources, were the main reasons for winding down the Community Points program. While I understand that navigating the regulatory landscape can be challenging, Powell argues that these challenges should not have prevented Reddit from finding a solution that would have allowed users to redeem their tokens. He believes that Reddit may simply not want to deal with the hassle that comes with regulatory compliance.

Plummeting Token Prices

Following the announcement of the program's discontinuation, the price of Reddit's MOON token dropped by over 80%, while BRICK, the token of Reddit's Fortnite community, dropped by over 50%. Powell highlights the fact that Reddit's decision has effectively destroyed the value of these tokens without offering any form of compensation or alternative redemption options. This has understandably frustrated token holders who were invested in the Community Points program.

Alternative Redemption Paths

Powell suggests several alternative means of redeeming the tokens that could have been considered by Reddit. These include allowing users to buy collectible avatars with points at a certain ratio, converting the points to Karma, or giving users a special badge based on their holdings at the time of the burn. These options would have provided some form of value to token holders and allowed them to continue benefiting from their participation in the Community Points program.

Reddit's Community Points Program and Kraken's Role

Reddit's Community Points are ERC-20 tokens that were initially minted on the Ethereum network but later migrated to the layer 2 network Arbitrum Nova. These tokens could be redeemed for various perks on Reddit, such as badges, emotes, GIFs, and other features. Kraken was one of the few U.S.-based exchanges that traded in Reddit's MOON and BRICK tokens, which highlights the significance of these tokens within the crypto community.


In conclusion, Jesse Powell's argument raises valid points regarding Reddit's decision to discontinue its Community Points program. While the regulatory environment and scalability limitations may have posed challenges, Powell believes that alternative redemption paths could have been explored to prevent the complete destruction of token value. The plummeting token prices and lack of compensation have left token holders frustrated and disappointed. It will be interesting to see if Reddit addresses these concerns or if alternative solutions are proposed in the future.


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