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## "The Future of Crypto Trading: Why Futures Will Reign Supreme, Even with a Bitcoin Spot ETF

Futures Will Remain the Premier Crypto Game, Even with the Arrival of a Bitcoin Spot ETF Introduction The impending approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF has garnered significant attention in the cryptocurrency market. However, despite the excitement surrounding this development, it is important to recognize that futures trading will continue to dominate the crypto landscape. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), a renowned platform for traditional finance investors, has been a pivotal player in the crypto futures market and is expected to maintain its supremacy even after the introduction of a Bitcoin spot ETF. This article explores the reasons behind the enduring dominance of futures trading and highlights the challenges faced by the spot ETF in gaining traction. The Decline of Bitcoin Liquidity One of the key factors contributing to the continued prominence of futures trading is the declining liquidity of Bitcoin. While a Bitcoin spot ETF may attract fresh money to the market, it cann

BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF and MicroStrategy's Profits: Latest Crypto Developments

As prices continue to rally for the second consecutive week, the speculation surrounding BlackRock's potential launch of a Bitcoin spot ETF in the United States is reaching a fever pitch. While it is increasingly likely that an ETF is on the horizon, BlackRock is not the only company vying for approval from the SEC. In a recent development, the U.S. Court of Appeals has ordered the SEC to review Grayscale's application, deeming its previous rejection as arbitrary and capricious. Amidst this backdrop, cloud software company MicroStrategy has seen its $5 billion Bitcoin holdings turn profitable once again, reaping the rewards of being crypto's biggest institutional whale. Notably, Bloomberg ETF expert Eric Balchunas has spotted interesting changes in BlackRock's amended prospectus, including acknowledgment of competition and detailed explanations of pricing and reporting mechanisms. Public funds also saw an uptick on Monday, according to a screenshot tweeted by PillageCapital.

On Tuesday, crypto journalist Joe Light observed a ticker for BlackRock's iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBTC) listed by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), a major clearing and settlement company. However, the listing was subsequently removed and then added back to the DTCC's ETF list, adding to the intrigue surrounding BlackRock's ETF application.

In other news, fallen crypto lender BlockFi, which filed for bankruptcy following FTX's announcement of its emergence from bankruptcy, continues to face challenges. On a different note, pro-crypto Republican and House Majority Whip Tom Emmer expressed his unwavering support for Trump in the upcoming Presidential elections. Lastly, an alarming video circulated on social media platforms, depicting a man who fell victim to a hybrid AI crypto scam. This video serves as a reminder of the risks associated with the crypto industry and the importance of remaining vigilant.


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