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Unveiling the Solana Saga: From Microwaves to NFTs

The recent stunt involving a Solana Saga smartphone being microwaved by influencer Bangerz has sparked both controversy and intrigue within the crypto community. Here's a breakdown of the events and the aftermath: The Saga of the Solana Saga Smartphone Microwaving Incident Bangerz, a self-proclaimed "washed-up influencer" and CEO of NFT launchpad 3land, posted a video of herself microwaving one of the limited 20,000 Solana Saga smartphones. The video depicted the smartphone emitting crackling sounds, steaming, and eventually dripping a mysterious liquid as the screen bubbled off the hardware. Following the microwave stunt, Bangerz minted 3,333 commemorative Solana NFTs inspired by the video, all free to mint via 3land. Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko and other Solana users reacted to the NFT release, with the message "Saga phones are now deflationary" gaining attention. The Saga Microwave NFTs were quickly minted and started trading on secondary marke

Square Enix's Symbiogenesis: The First Original Ethereum NFT Game by the Final Fantasy Giant

Square Enix, the renowned video game publisher responsible for beloved franchises like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, is preparing to release its first original Ethereum NFT game, Symbiogenesis. Excitement has been building around this upcoming launch, and now we have official dates for the first NFT mint. The Symbiogenesis auction process will commence on Monday, November 27, and will be divided into three waves for the initial batch of NFT-based characters for the game. The first wave will occur on November 27-28, followed by the second wave from November 30 to December 1, and the final batch will be auctioned on December 2-3.

Square Enix has taken a unique approach to the minting process, which could potentially reward early users with free NFTs. However, this will depend on the level of demand for the assets. In total, Square Enix plans to launch 500 character NFTs for Chapter 1 of Symbiogenesis. The first wave will consist of only 10 characters, with 90 characters in the second wave, and the remaining 400 characters in the third and final wave. Square Enix opened up allowlist access earlier this month, allowing users to complete quests and challenges within the game's Discord chat server to gain access to the auction.

During each wave, the Symbiogenesis NFTs will be offered for free to allowlist members. However, if multiple people attempt to claim the same NFT, it will go up for auction, giving prospective buyers the opportunity to bid and own the assets in question. This approach raises questions about the likelihood of any NFTs being claimed without going through an auction process.

Described as a "digital collectible art project," Symbiogenesis is an original, narrative-driven game from Square Enix. The game revolves around characters minted as Ethereum NFTs, as well as items and other NFTs minted on the scaling network Polygon. The highly anticipated game is set to launch in December, following the initial NFT mint.

For more in-depth information on Symbiogenesis and what to expect from Square Enix's first original IP on Ethereum, I recommend reading our GG preview. It provides a comprehensive overview of the game and its unique features.


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