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Transformative Shift: COTI Leads the Future of Privacy with Ethereum Layer 2 Adoption

million, to fuel the holistic development of its ecosystem. This initiative is designed to support projects and developers who are aligned with COTI's mission of enhancing privacy, security, and scalability within the Ethereum ecosystem. The Ecosystem Growth Fund represents a significant investment in the future of blockchain technology and underscores COTI's dedication to fostering innovation and growth within the industry. Advancing Privacy with Garbling Circuits Technology COTI's transition to Ethereum Layer 2 signifies a strategic shift towards scalable privacy solutions within the blockchain space. The adoption of Garbling Circuits technology enhances the speed, efficiency, and security of COTI V2, positioning the firm as a pioneer in privacy-focused initiatives. Garbling Circuits technology opens doors to a wide range of applications, including privacy-preserving wallets, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), private AI training, governance mechanisms, and more. Part

Exposing the Solana Crypto Asset Theft Epidemic: A Deep Dive

from the same group or network of malicious actors.

EthDan's Perspective:

The recent surge in crypto asset theft from Solana users is alarming, with two wallet drainers successfully stealing millions of dollars worth of assets in a short period. Here's a breakdown of the situation:

  • Rainbow Drainer and Node Drainer:
  • These two programs have managed to steal a combined $4.17 million from 3,967 Solana wallets since late November.
  • Majority of thefts occurred since mid-December, indicating an escalating trend in malicious activities.

  • Targeting Specific Solana Token Communities:

  • Malicious actors have been targeting specific Solana token communities with NFT airdrops, attaching phishing links to deceive users.
  • Legitimate airdrops are on the rise, but so are social media scams disguised as giveaways.

  • Rainbow Drainer Exploits:

  • Rainbow Drainer targeted holders of ZERO, the native token of Solana meta protocol Analysoor, by offering fake NFTs claiming to provide free tokens.
  • Users who clicked the external links associated with these NFTs had their wallets drained within seconds, leading to $2.15 million in stolen assets.

  • Node Drainer Tactics:

  • Hackers using Node Drainer placed phishing links in Discord groups and infiltrated Twitter accounts, including prominent ones like Mandiant.
  • These tactics resulted in $2.025 million in stolen assets, primarily in ANALOS and BONK tokens.

The scale of these attacks and the sophistication of the tactics employed by the perpetrators underscore the need for heightened vigilance and security measures within the crypto community. As the crypto space continues to evolve, users must remain cautious and verify the authenticity of airdrops and giveaways to protect their digital assets.


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