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WME Fights Deepfakes With New Tech

The very fabric of truth and illusion seems to be disintegrating before our eyes. As artificial intelligence advances at an alarming pace, so too does its potential for misuse. We find ourselves in an era where seeing is no longer believing, where technology can conjure up images and videos so realistic, it challenges our perception of what’s real. The Rise of Deepfakes and the Fight for Control The entertainment industry, always a bellwether for cultural shifts, is grappling with this new reality head-on. The recent proliferation of AI-generated deepfakes, particularly the disturbing case involving Taylor Swift, underscores the urgency for proactive measures. This new technology is a double-edged sword. While it offers incredible creative possibilities, it also opens the door for malicious actors to manipulate reality and inflict harm. The potential for reputational damage, fraud, and the erosion of trust is very real. A Glimmer of Hope: Combating Deepfakes with Technology

Mercedes Benz Unveils Enhanced MBUX Virtual Assistant with NFT Gallery and AI Voice Assistant: A Look into the Future

Mercedes Benz has unveiled an enhanced version of its in-car virtual assistant at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The updated MBUX Virtual Assistant, powered by generative AI and running on the new Mercedes Benz Operating System (MB OS), boasts an NFT gallery and an AI voice assistant with emotional profiles. Markus Schäfer, the chief technology officer at Mercedes Benz, described the virtual assistant as the most human-like interface with a Mercedes Benz yet, offering a unique and personalized user experience.

Features of the Updated MBUX Virtual Assistant:

  • Emotional Profiles: The virtual assistant can operate in one of four emotional profiles - natural, predictive, personal, and empathetic, enabling it to interact with the driver in a more human-like manner.

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence: The MBUX Assistant is designed to learn the driver's preferences over time, such as setting preferred radio stations for the morning commute or adjusting seat settings for a more comfortable driving experience.

  • Integration of ChatGPT: Mercedes Benz announced the integration of OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot into the MBUX voice assistant. However, Schäfer mentioned that the final product is not limited to ChatGPT and could potentially be replaced with other chatbots to enhance customer experience.

  • Data Privacy: Drivers have the option to opt out of the program, and the virtual assistant only learns from individual cars, with data being kept private and not shared across drivers.

With these new features and capabilities, Mercedes Benz aims to create a seamless and personalized driving experience that enhances and enriches the lives of its customers. As the automotive industry continues to embrace AI and advanced technologies, the updated MBUX Virtual Assistant sets a new standard for in-car virtual assistants, offering users a more intuitive and engaging interface that adapts to their preferences and needs.


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